Episode 10: Pros and Cons to Remote Work

Hello Budget Babes! Erin and Leila back at it with another installment of the Budget Babes Podcast regarding remote work in Canada and today we are interviewing Josh from iTalki regarding his experience the Pros and Cons. Josh is living in Vancouver Canada and works remotely at his home office teaching ESL (English as a Second Language). Arguably, this is tough work although Josh has the right talent for the job being a recent graduate from UBC’s Linguistics department.

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We decided to call up Josh because of his experience working from home in the bustling metropolis of Vancouver. He has lived in Vancouver for over 4 years and has seen an increase in the cost of living and ridiculous commute times. With this experience, Josh thoroughly discusses the pros and cons of remote work as an ESL teacher. Josh explains how working from home has changed the amount he spends on ‘going to work’ and how much he saves. However, it’s not all sugar and roses, there are of course certain characteristics you must have to work from home. Thankfully, both Erin and I live in Saskatchewan where there are short commute times and resources are cheap!

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All in all, after our conversation with Josh, we believe that working from home can be a great way to work both economically and mentally. Be prepared to work hard if you are to work from home! Depending on your industry and job, working from home can alleviate stress and work time by allowing your disciplined self to work steadily without burning out in the office. Keep in mind, allowing employees to work from home can also save companies money by reducing the need for expensive office space.

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Keep tuned for more episodes of the Budget Babes coming in the near future! Next, we are going to tackle coffee and what it really means to buy it and yet another Millennial Moment!

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