Episode 9: Millennial Moments

Welcome to the first segment of Millennial Moments podcast. We are chatting today about moments for yourself and reflecting financially, emotionally, and physically. Today we asked you via Instagram “what is your guilty spending pleasure” and waited for responses from our listeners. Because of the amazing responses, we decided to make a 10 minute segment that share what we learned. As a result, we developed this mini-series called “Millennial Moments” to give you a moment learn simultaneously! IF you want to get in on our next Millennial Money segment please send us responses to our Instagram or Facebook at BudgetBabes_SK or facebook.com/BudgetBabes. Erin and I put a story out that will ask a question about how you feel about money and we pick which answers (or combine most popular responses) and talk about them live.

When you’re avoiding taking responsibility for buying your third Timmies of the day

Above all, we hope that these updates will help our listeners not feel alone! Therefore, we hope you enjoy listening and comment on our next millennial moment when we have it up.


Our next episode – the infamous number 10 – we will be joined by a guest! Our additional person is Skyping in from Vancouver for a short segment related to working from home. Evidently, Erin and I have different experiences working the ‘9-5’ and gradients of working from home. Erin is currently able to work flexibly, and I am at an office from 8:30 – 5. However, our guest is completely working form home on his own schedule! Tune in next episode to hear his take on working from home.

IF you are looking for more, check out our other podcasts!

We are looking to update listeners more frequently and add an official podcast schedule. Currently, we are aiming to send out 2 Podcasts and Month and only add more from there!

We are looking forward to our next episode and will continue to budget hard!

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