Howdy Babes!

We hope that you are surviving quarantine and all the ‘delightful’ parts that come with it. Us babes have to stick together to survive this hard time and push through all the economical problems that will shockwave after. Don’t fear babes, there’s always a solution or help that can be found in a problem. We are working hard at the Budget Babes headquarters to keep the gears turning, and the content churning.

Right now we’re hoping to release a new episode that related directly to Canadians and the COVID-19 virus in true self-isolating fashion; through the internet. Seeing we Erin and I cannot SEE each other, we needed to make a quick plan to ensure content was still coming out. We took a little time to adjust to the hard parts of quarantine and getting life set up for isolation, but now, we’re ready to talk!

This episode is an oldie, but a goodie. Today we are chatting with Leila’s mom about her tea addition (LOL) and how she kicked her overpriced habit! We discuss the numbers and how to actually help your coffee/tea habit with some legitimate advice to reduce the spending without removing the vice. Here are the numbers we used for all our calculations:

$3.50 – STARBS

$7.90 – $0.79 a CUP

$10.98/Bag STARBS – $0.31/cup

$16.97/Tin – $0.16 cents a cup

One good thing about isolation: the coffee is cheaper!