Who Are We

Meet the Babes Behind the Budget

Co-founder of Budget Babes. Livin’ it up, thrive in my life and career, smash my life goals, travel, retire and do even more awesome things all while kickin’ it debt free and resting on a huge cushy pile of $$.

These are my goals. I have lots to learn. Come along on our adventure as we explore the nitty grittys, learning and mad tips on how to thrive financially right now, as a millennial!

co-founder of the Budget Babes and a feverantly obsessed financial fan. Aspiring millionaire, achiever of goals, and looking for freedom from the 9-5.I’m a budget queen and I absolutely love number crunching. Mostly addicted to money because of my want to travel before “retirement” age. I believe that everyone has the ability to become financially free (yes, everyone!) with just a touch of drive and dedication.
Looking forward to learning more and teaching millenials as much as possible about finances, life, and living it.


Save our money at an aggressive pace to ensure we can retire and do what we want without worry


Reading, documenting, and understanding financial concepts in addition to learning more fiscally responsible ways to do what we love.


What do we love? Travelling! We also look into ways to travel cheaper, better, and without dipping into your savings or using a credit card.


One thing we love more than money? Sharing our knowledge and what we have learned to show other people how to manage their money in Canada

Now that you know the Babes, here's a little about our Mission

We are the budget babes, we are two ladies from Saskatchewan, Canada who want to save money for retirement, travelling, and not relying on a paycheck. 

We are hoping to inspire other millennial’s like us to pick up the torch and run with financial freedom. It sucks to wake up every day and look in your bank account and have to check if you have enough money to buy a coffee. We’ve all been there, we’ve all had a terrible money experience or worried about our bank account balance. It doesn’t matter where you are in life or what your current financial status, you should always be saving! 

We want everyone to feel the liberation of financial freedom and not have to rely on working the same monotonous job, living paycheck to paycheck, or anything else that causes stress. 

Join us to find out how we are gaining our financial freedom through money management, investing, and passive income streams!